Cloud Managed Services (CMS)

Dashboard 1


  • User-friendly visual dashboard
  • Simple graphs highlight trends or risks
  • Data collected and available in real-time
  • Generate reports to coach the team, in just a few seconds
  • Alerts available in real-time
  • Dashboard and reports are highly customizable

The CMS dashboard makes it easy for seasoned loss prevention/asset protection professionals or for someone new to the industry to review critical information about the business in a minimum of time and understand actions to be taken right-away.

Graphs, maps, video evidence, snapshots, risk assessment and reports are all available at the click of a button. Once you see a general view of your store, region or company, you can elect to drill-down all the way to an employee or a transaction-level.

The CMS dashboard can be customized and provide precisely the information required by decision-makers and operators. For example:

  • View data by employee, area, store or region
  • Measure all KPI metrics and compare them to the set goals
  • Review high-risk situations, potential frauds, sales opportunities, hot zones and more with just one tool
  • Receive alerts and review video evidence in real-time
  • Utilize the dashboard as a central repository for evidence, documents, store permit, inspection and construction plans
  • Access from anywhere with credential-based controls
  • The Dashboard’s archive function can store video evidence, photographs, reports Document incidents and use the dashboard to archive them with video evidence for future use.