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Often, bandwidth and cabling costs are a major consideration when planning a healthcare setting installation. i3 has a perfect solution without compromising on quality. The HD-over-coax solution provides clear high definition images while leveraging your current infrastructure. i3's dual streaming option is bandwidth-friendly. Video searches are facilitated using the lower quality stream, then remote viewing uses the higher stream for image clarity.

In addition to saving on cabling, i3's solution will help you save on “tenting” or sealing any enclosure. There will not be any need for opening your ceilings or moving ceiling tiles. Leveraging i3's HD-over-analog technology is faster and more cost-effective, without sacrificing reliability or image quality.

Hospitals working with i3 can purchase new IP cameras and get rid of their blind spots as a direct result of cost savings attributable to removing cabling and tenting requirements. The solution also provides HD-over-analog clarity.

i3’s complete solution for hospitals, clinics and healthcare institutions includes without being limited to:

Student’s safety is always a priority. i3 can ensure that your system is fully operational and recording at the highest image quality by using clear high definition (HD) cameras together with system-wide health monitoring, i3 CCTV systems are user-friendly meaning retrofit installations require minimal downtime thereby causing little disruption to your facility. In many cases, cameras and network video recorders (NVRs) installation is completed in just a few hours and i3's remote video software is designed to require minimal training and provide maximum results.

Budget is a critical element of the retrofit plan and i3 works to find the best solution while leveraging current infrastructure. On average i3's locations assessments have uncovered savings of up to 41%.

Are bandwidth and cabling a big part of your project? i3's solution can meet your needs without compromising video quality. i3's HD-over-coax solution provides high definition images while leveraging your current infrastructure. Our dual streaming option is bandwidth-friendly and allows you to perform a search with a lower stream and to review footage remotely in HD with the higher video-stream. Our complete solution for school boards includes without being limited to:

Do more than video surveillance with a flexible and cost-effective system from i3!


El Paso Children’s Hospital

i3 International cameras deliver zoo experience to hospital kids


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