Santé et sécurité - i3 International
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Social Distancing

Ai smart video solution that measures the distance between people and helps managers re-enforce social distancing compliance in the work environment by providing them with real-time alerts and reports. Compare and analyze multiples sites, regions, and districts with comprehensive reports.

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Occupancy Alert System

This is designed to improve the facility's ability to manage and report customer and employee wait times as well as monitor and assess occupancy thresholds in real time. Occupancy thresholds are customizable with the capability to receive accurate visual alerts on location PVMs or mobile applications.

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Visitor Safety

i3's visitor safety module allows you to track all visitors and employees that enter your facility. This module once activated, will generate a unique QR code that can be scanned by your employees and guests with their smartphone. Information is collected securely through the use of the QR code and displayed on intuitive reports. Reports provided reflect a daily screening of all visitors and employees entering your facility.