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What we offer

The effect of COVID-19 on your business, your associates, and your customers this year has been unprecedented. Many of us, including the team at i3 International, have had to learn a new way of dealing with an ever-changing work environment.

i3's CMS now offers a free and trusted way to meet your local COVID-19 screening requirements. A unique QR code is generated for your facility to be used in conjunction with a mobile-friendly screening questionnaire that can be filled out in seconds. This generates an instant access pass that directs the employees/visitor(s) to enter or reject depending on their answers. This solution can be used for daily employee screening and/or to screen your business' patrons.

Key features

Make every day experiences easier and safer for everyone.

After registering, a unique QR code is generated for your site, within 1 business day. All visitors are pre-screened using a quick health questionnaire to ensure safety.

Visitor Safety

i3's visitor safety module allows you to track all visitors and employees that enter your facility. Intuitive reports can be generated to help with contact tracing.

Securely Stored Health Screening Data

Employee/visitor health screening data is securely stored on i3’s Cloud Managed System (CMS), where information can be monitored and easily retrieved.

New Customer

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