The quest for knowledge has moved far from the one-room schoolhouse. Whether in single site elementary schools or multi-building centers of higher learning, , educator's main goal is ensuring student's safety. Secondary, but vital is monitoring the physical plant to thwart vandalism, entry of non-authorized individuals, burglary or potential violence. i3's video technology offers the necessary tools while keeping in mind budgetary and infrastructure constraints faced by this market. Our video security systems are ideal for campus environments. As this market moves quickly toward the implementation of network-based video security, i3 leads the way by providing a broad range of IP cameras, hybrid video recorders, network hardware and scalable network storage to meet the demand.

William Pollard said "Information is a source of learning. But unless it is organized, processed, and available to the right people in a format for decision making, it is a burden, not a benefit."? An i3 video system provides security coupled with video analytics so that administrators and educators can make informed decisions. Our solutions help employees tasked with reviewing footage spend less time, thus freeing security personnel for other important duties. Additionally, i3 products are designed for ease of installation. Tampering with a camera or motion within a secured building can trigger notification to security staff enabling them to act quickly. Also, high-quality video can be disseminated to security officers or local police via the internet or mobile devices.


With regard to providing secure facilities, i3 products meet the challenges faced by educational institutions in various ways. Breaks in protected zones are immediately detected. Motion in restricted areas or piggybacking into specified zones alerts staff. Unattended objects can signal potential threats and can be guarded against within pre-defined time periods for vulnerable areas. Specific suspicious behaviors, such as loitering or grouping may be targeted through the use of PTZs for prevention of threatening activities. Vandalism or blocking of cameras will alert staff so that steps may be taken at once to restore recording.

Should an incident occur, i3 products enable rapid and automated backtracking to stored video. Automatic search for incidents saves man-hours and provides critical information quickly.

Do more than video surveillance with a flexible and cost-effective system from i3!