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April 20, 2017


Managing false alarms


1997 was a busy year; JK Rowling published her first Harry Potter book that would bring her to stardom, the movie Titanic was released and Steve Jobs returned to Apple after leaving the tech company in 1985. This was also the year when Jack Thornton became a co-owner of his first Tim Hortons locations in Bradford, ON with his brother.


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After 20 years in operation and with now 4 Tim Hortons locations, Jack took a few minutes to talk about the “joy” of receiving false alarm calls in the middle of the night and smart ways of mitigating this situation and risks.
Many studies will tell you, 94% to 99% of all alarms are false, but the cost of dispatching first respondents is real.

“Managers, who receive a call from the alarm company afterhours, are left with two choices: dispatching or not and the consequences of making the wrong decision are costly either way,” says Jack Thornton.

This blind decision-making process is, however, a thing of the past in Thornton’s restaurants. “Every manager has installed VPC (i3 International’s remote viewing software) on their home computer or mobile devices. They now can access the video system remotely, playback the footage, and make the right decision as to whether to dispatch or not, every single time.” says the savvy business owner.

The fact that his managers no longer need to rely on their gut-feeling, has saved his bottom-line from being hit with unnecessary charges, not to mention that everyone can now sleep soundly after making such a decision.

“This feature of our video system has saved us time and money in all of the locations that we own.” There is also a human cost that is often forgotten; the toll it takes on the team. “Receiving a call in the middle of the night and making a decision based on a calculated guess is stressful. With this system, my management team can go back to sleep knowing they made the right decision and show up for work the next day refreshed and confident.” adds Thornton.

Leveraging your CCTV system to save on false alarms? Another way to make your video system work for you!



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