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April 20, 2017


Loss prevention and coaching tool


Each year, Tim Hortons serves more than 2 billion cups of coffee worldwide and this quick service restaurant is famous for its coffee, donuts and affordable meals. The number of transactions processed in each restaurant on any given day is impressive. Like most if not all retail and quick service chains, Tim Hortons has to face cases of internal frauds, external thefts and a whole range of deceitful practices in between.

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Training and coaching are essential components of a strong Loss Prevention strategy and Jack Thornton, co-owner with his brother of 4 Tim Hortons in Bradford, ON is well versed on the topic. While this method is also engendering loyalty, Thornton is the first one to concede that keeping everyone on the straight and narrow -from employees, managers, drivers and customers- is a continuous task. “I am an involved owner and I spend a considerable amount of time in each of my locations, assessing the situation first-hand and coaching, or recognizing situations in-person, but this isn’t the case for all franchisees world-wide” explains Thornton. As of September 2014, the chain had 4,950 locations with close to 900 in the US alone. Many of these owned by groups or consortiums, making the presence of an actual owner in-store sparse and rare.

These owners have to rely on their video surveillance systems to be their eyes and ears in store and to help them pickup on unusual and potentially fraudulent behavior. “I walk my stores regularly and I engage my staff every chance I get but I still use my CCTV system to make spontaneous spot-checks and my findings have sparked some necessary coaching conversations on ways to mitigate losses and pick up on a suspicious behavior from a customer” shares Thornton.

i3 International offers a suite of business insights modules capable of identifying an exception that could result in a loss. These tools are highly customizable, user-friendly and provide information in real-time. “At this point, because I am such an involved owner, I don’t have to rely on these tools, with the exception of the health monitoring module. Once I take more of a back-seat [approach] with my business and leave it to managers to take on all of the day-to-day decisions, I will consider relying on a more complete business solution. For now, the high image quality I get with i3 International’s system is what I rely the most on to mitigate or prevent bad or fraudulent behaviors from becoming contagious with all the members of my team,” concludes Thornton. Like many business owners, Jack Thornton can count on a reliable CCTV system to foster compliance, deter undesirable behavior and create the right culture at his locations.



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