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August 15, 2013


Donna Karan Discovers New Opportunities To Increase Sales Conversions With i3 International



Three years ago when Paul Paglia first started with Donna Karan as Sr. Director of Loss Prevention & Retail Operations, he brought with him many years of experience along with a keen understanding of the future of LP. Seeing the direction where the new digital security technology was moving, Mr. Paglia immediately identified an opportunity to turn Donna Karan's existing in-store surveillance systems into a powerful retail conversion tool. But in order to do that, he first needed to have the existing outdated and very limited DVR systems upgraded to the brand that could accommodate the rapid and exciting expansion of the new Digital Security software tools and features that were entering the security industry market.



With the desire to find a company with not only a proven track record in both retail-based Video Surveillance equipment but also security Software, Mr. Paglia and his team narrowed the field down to one organization that had demonstrated both their ability to manufacture premium quality Network Video Recorders, Servers and Cameras but was also a leader in the development of effective Digital Security Software. Digital Surveillance leader i3 International was selected as a result. But ultimately; "It was their ability to prove themselves by building an effective partnership with us that became the deciding factor", says Paul Paglia. "The one amazing thing about i3 is that because they are a more customer centric run organization they are able to get things moving faster with less bureaucracy plus if I ever have an issue or question I know I can pick up the phone day or night and speak with key i3 personnel. You simply don't get that with most other video security equipment providers."



As of last week, 100% of Donna Karan's stores were up and running with i3's security integrated Video Analytics and exception-based reporting in all 70+ Stores throughout the world including the U.S., U.K., Ireland and Asia. Thanks to i3 International, Donna Karan's senior management is now starting to view digital security as a way to seek out new opportunities and increase the bottom line rather than just a cost center. The latest i3 software acquisition, allows Donna Karan to perform in-store conversion data reports using i3's e-metrics and Video Analytics technology combined with their advanced customer counting capabilities. As a result, Donna Karan's management has been able to identify new clear-cut opportunities of improving their customer buying experience, increase profitability and cut costs. "As we reviewed the reports, we saw one store had sales decrease between 2-4pm despite traffic in the store increasing during that time. As it turns out, there was a staffing issue that had been overlooked but because we were easily able to identify that there was a mismatch of traffic versus sales they were able to make a slight adjustment with staff scheduling and thus increase their sales during that period", says Paglia.

In addition to the advantage of sales conversion data reports that can be generated with the help of i3 software, Mr. Paglia stated that they have also discovered a few additional cost cutting benefits that proved to be a huge benefit for a large organization such as Donna Karan. i3's Network Video Recorders allow its users to view video remotely via a secured line and/or the Internet, thus allowing senior management to perform virtual walk-thrus saving time and travel expenses. During many renovations and construction projects throughout the company, store planning & construction have been able to monitor progress and minimize needed travel and site inspections.




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