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i3 International continues strategic team expansion throughout North America
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i3 International continues strategic team expansion throughout North America

See our expanded i3 Team here

This year has seen aggressive sales force growth for digital security solutions firm i3 International, as new regional sales managers were added across the United States and in Ontario, Canada. i3 prides itself on its strong core value of family culture – in its relationships with both clients and employees. This was echoed repeatedly by many of the new additions.

Bruce Docherty, regional sales manager for Ohio, Michigan and Ontario, remarked that working for i3 is like “one big family where everyone looks out for each other. Coming from a more traditional corporate environment, I find it very refreshing.”

“The people here are great. They are what defines i3,” added Adolph Seitz, RSM for Illinois.

Kelsey Kerling, RSM for Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma, agreed. “I enjoy the flexibility of working from home, but the real pleasure is when we all get together at events and the i3 family is reunited.”

John Sykes, RSM for Florida, added some thoughts on the sense of partnership he feels. “Involvement and feedback is highly encouraged and valued. It keeps you motivated to do your best when you know the company supports and respects you.”

Michael Turner, RSM for Colorado and New Mexico, loves the “non-corporate feel” of working for i3 International. Tony Thomas, RSM for Texas, praised the strong sense of support. “They have provided great resources for me to succeed. We have account managers, project managers, sales managers and partners always available to help in any way we need.”

Axel Burgos, Regional Sales Manager for Tennessee and Kentucky, sums up his confidence in the product and the company ethos: “We can definitely wow potential clients and end users with our industry-leading technology and forward vision. We also are able to build trust and relationships through our people, our service and our dedication to doing the right things right.” He also noted that there is a great diversity of cultures represented within the company, (29 native languages spoken), and added that it is “the spirit of family, fun and loyalty that sets i3 apart.”

Rounding out the new hires for 2014 are Vince Sapina, RSM, California, Larry Shaffer, RSM, New England, Andrey Kabakov, RSM, Georgia, and Dorville Elvey, Account & CMS Project Manager.

See our expanded i3 Team here

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