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Never underestimate the power of networking
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Never underestimate the power of networking

When Angela Auty attended the 2013 Decoding Retail Seminar in Vancouver, she was looking forward to meeting others in her profession.

“I was invited to come to the i3 conference last year. I new that a lot of other folks in the loss prevention industry would be there, so it was a great networking opportunity for me,” she said. Auty is Regional Manager ‒ Asset Protection for Luxottica, an international leader in the design, manufacture, distribution and sale of premium, luxury and sports eyewear.

During the event, a chance meeting with two detectives from the Vancouver Police Department led to an unexpected windfall. When Auty mentioned who she worked for, Detectives Doug Fell and Kirk Miles told her they had seized a large number of glasses as a result of two arrests. Although they still had price tags, they had been unable to determine who they belonged to. A visit by Auty to the police facility resulted in the recovery of more than $70,000 in stolen eyeglasses and sunglasses. “Our price tags are unique to Luxottica,” she said, “so I was able to identify them as ours.”

Detectives Fell and Miles are part of the anti-fencing unit, a new division of the Vancouver Police. All they do is organized retail crime, shutting down operations that obtain and sell stolen merchandise. “As a direct result of attending the Decoding Retail seminar, I was able to recover the product. I continue to partner with them and have been able to assist by providing glasses for their undercover operations,” Auty noted. “It was definitely a very, very beneficial and lucrative meeting for me.”

Auty also enjoyed the rest of her networking experience. “There were quite a few individuals there that I was connected to on social media, but had never met. So that was great. Many of us came from the same company, but opposite ends of the country. We knew the names, but had never physically met. It was quite exciting to finally connect in person.”

The whole conference was incredible, said Auty. The speakers were amazing. I know the intention of i3 is to get customers, but there was never any pressure or any kind of sales pitch, and I really respect that. Some people might not go because they anticipate a sell job, but that wasn't the case AT ALL, which I really appreciated.

“When they did the presentation on the software, I was absolutely amazed. I forwarded the electronic brochure to our security department, so if we ever decide to move to something more updated and advanced from what we have now,  i3 would be considered,” she remarked.

“i3 International is extremely professional. They've done a lot of research,” said Auty. “The software is incredible. i3 obviously recognizes the need for information and the power of networking within the industry. I was very impressed that they were able to get all those people together in one room. Some of them flew from Toronto. That's huge,” she enthused. “I think it says a lot about i3 and the professionalism and quality of  their operation. I absolutely would recommend the seminar to others, and I have. I'm very excited about this year's speakers and attending the event again.”

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