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Cascades Recovery Hires Socially Conscious Security Solutions Provider, i3 International
Category : commercial

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Cascades Recovery Hires Socially Conscious Security Solutions Provider, i3 International

Waste management company Cascades Recovery Inc. specializes in the recycling of discarded materials ranging from paper to hazardous waste.This 1200 employee operation with 21 processing facilities handles over 1.56 million tons of recyclable materials each year. As they have grown into one of the largest consumers ofsecondary fiber in North America so had their new requirements for security and safety.

With their existing video security system becoming increasingly more outdated and less effective, Cascades initiated a review of the leading video surveillance equipment providers. Aside from the requirement to secure valuable materials, Cascades planned to use their new video surveillance equipment as a verification system for their "sensitive document" shedding service. They were also looking for a more efficient, cost-cutting solution to monitor tens of thousands of square footage within their facilities. Naturally, as a company that prides itself on providing cost effective green solutions they also wanted to make sure that the provider they selected was also a socially conscious one.


i3 International, a leading Video Surveillance Manufacturer headquartered in Toronto, Ontario Canada fit the bill. The solution they provided was a 64-channel cutting edge expandable Hybrid system, a combination of analogue and IP technology with the ability to add more IP channels at a later date. Coupled with their Hi-Res Analogue and PTZ (Pan,Tilt,Zoom) line of cameras as well as i3's own Card Access system. "What it boiled down to was finding the best system with the most features that were also easy to use and i3 provided just that." Says John Metauro General Manager for a Cascades Recovery. The installation and integration of any new system can present its own unique set of challenges depending on the customer's requirements and location. However when it came to installing and implementing the complete i3 system, Metauro commented, "It was a piece of cake".


Today with the new i3 International surveillance system, Cascades Recovery Management are able to perform virtual walk-thrus. They accomplish this by taking control of the PTZ cameras to survey their entire facility, saving time and money. As for the product and support provided by i3 International to date, Mr. Metauro had this to say; "It's head and shoulders above what we've used before". As an extra benefit, Cascades has also begun to use their new video camera surveillance equipment to confirm that all trucks loading or unloading are being properly weighed via their scale system. Since the original system installation, i3 has since become Cascades primary standardized security solutions provider.


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