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Security professionals at financial institutions can bank on i3 International
Category : commercial

The Core bank for the BOK Financial Corporation is a $17 Billion multi-bank holding company, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Founded in 1907 as the Exchange National Bank, BOK Financial has 150 branches in seven states. Out of those 150 branches, 108 have the i3DVR Product installed with the goal of 150 for project completion. BOK Financial overall growth strategy is to build on existing market leadership in Oklahoma and expand into high growth metropolitan areas in the region (latest is Kansas City). With this aggressive growth strategy, Raymond A. Killian, Security Systems Manager knew he had to be a step ahead of the game and ensure that assets were protected at a broader level.

BOK operated a VHS technology for years until they realized that more sophisticated technology was needed. An increase in the number of branches resulted in an increase of the video that had to be maintained and recycled (bank has to maintain at least 90 days of video), and digital video became the obvious choice. The i3DVR enabled them to store video electronically, increase the numbers of frames per second, and provide better quality video and ease of use. The goal is to have all 150 branches on the network.

Installation resulted in:

Mr. Killian was a guest speaker at i3DVR’s 2006 Innovision Conference ­– a bi-annual 3 day event hosted by i3DVR. The event is a proven success and popular among i3 clientele. “The goals of Innovision are to thank our customers for their support, get their input on future development and showcase new technology” says Grace Baba, General Manager, i3DVR International. Mr. Killian was asked to speak due to his in-depth knowledge of the financial and security industries. He has worked in the Bank Security Industry for 36 years and has been with BOK for 26 of those years. His responsibilities include: purchasing equipment for new security system installations or for existing branch upgrades, purchasing the best equipment at the best prices, overseeing the installation of this equipment and programming and startup of this equipment.

During Mr. Killian’s speech he stated the reason the bank chose the i3 product was proven reliability, maintenance can be done by their technician, easy to add hard drives to units at a minor expense, picture quality is better, and the ability to research an incident is easier. In addition, the i3 product allows access to all recorded video over the network. i3DVR has committed to work with the bank to record transactions from ATMs connected by the WAN (all banks’ ATMs will be connected by the WAN in the near future). Mr. Killian also stated in his presentation that the bank has had a positive experience with the i3DVR installation and “we will also install i3DVRs in all new locations.”

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