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i3 helping The Nature Research Center ensure facility-wide coverage
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The Nature Research Center (NRC) in Raleigh, North Carolina is the 80,000-square-foot wing of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences that opened in April, 2012. The center features research labs where scientists from the museum, University of North Carolina schools, the Department of Environment & Natural Resources (DENR), and visiting scientists from various economic segments conduct research under the fascinated gaze of the public. This is a unique opportunity for visitors to experience “science in action” through floor-to-ceiling glass walls. Also on campus is the DENR building and a multi-story parking facility. A bridge facilitates access from the theater housed within the NRC’s globe to the Natural Sciences Museum building.

As a destination, the NRC attracts thousands of people from all over the world. Ensuring the comfort and safety of the visiting public and staff, while protecting against loss were paramount to Green Facilities Manager, Michael Shelton. “We want to protect not only the visitors but all of our staff, as well”, said Mr. Shelton in an interview. Because the center avails visitors such as students on field trips opportunities to interact with exhibits on a hands-on basis, the NRC environment dictates unique criteria for a surveillance system.

The state of North Carolina has selected i3 products exclusively for all video needs. Signet Technologies, an industry leader in design, integration, installation, maintenance and operation of technically-complex physical security management systems was awarded the contract to install the integrated video system. According to Signet’s Operations Manager, Tim Truitt, i3 products were the perfect match for the NRC’s needs. “We had to balance the need to watch with a requirement for subtlety, as this is not only a working scientific facility but a place filled with visitors who interact with.

exhibits.” Combinations of covert and overt cameras were used to ensure facility-wide coverage. The installation at the NRC consists of 6 24-channel hybrid digital video management systems (DVMS) recording video from over 100 cameras with four monitoring workstations. Cameras included 80 – Di210s, 10 – Do721s, and 6 – i3S730Pro. Four SRXPro remote workstations were included to provide easy access to information, should an incident require review. Access control was installed and integrated with cameras for the parking facility. Mr. Truitt stated that Signet appreciates the “ease of use of i3 products and the support given by i3 sales and technical support teams”.

The original installation took place over a two month period in 2012 with additional cameras added in early 2013. Video from a separate building will be integrated into the surveillance system to ensure the goal of a safe visitor experience and workplace is achieved.

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