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Learn how TMI provides safety for their facilities using i3 video Surveillance systems
Category : commercial
Whether it’s a road-weary executive, conference goers, or a family enjoying a well-deserved vacation, TMI Hospitality’s family of hotels offers perfect accommodations. TMI is a leader in development, building and management of some of the leading hotel brands in America. Clients of the company include Courtyard by Marriott, Comfort Inn by Choice Hotels, Staybridge Suites, and AmericInn by AmericInn International, Inc. According to their website “What began in North Dakota as a small hotel franchising company has become a nationwide property management and development company with over 200 locations in 24 states. For thirty years, TMI Hospitality has served as a builder and operator of select and extended-service hotels.” Significant to providing safe and welcoming hotels are video surveillance systems. This integrated approach to security and loss prevention allows 24-hour visibility to potentially at-risk areas of hotel properties. According to TMI President, Francis Gallagher 10 years ago they exclusively used DVR products from “the top provider”. Initially, decision-makers had confidence in the product but soon found a “disconnect” between what they’d been presented and the working reality of the company’s product. “We weren’t getting the support they’d promised; we weren’t made aware of price changes and we were losing a lot of money because the head end controllers (DVRs) were failing so often”, said Mr. Gallagher. Additionally, when managers attempted to retrieve video for review they often discovered a lack of usable recordings. TMI found itself on the hunt for a reliable solution. Enter Steve Puk, president of the Puk Network Group. Steve met with Mr. Gallagher and introduced i3 recorders and related products. “In one hour, he made believers out of us. I felt relieved and relaxed”, said Mr. Gallagher. He was pleased with Steve’s straightforward presentation of i3 products. “They told us what it would and would not do; it was refreshing.” The switch to i3 was made and installations in new construction began immediately. As the competitor’s units failed, i3 recorders were substituted and the benefits of using the products were experienced; easier installation, lower up-front cost with long term savings due to vastly fewer return visits or repairs. “They just work!” said Mr. Gallagher. “The cameras provide clean, sharp video and to date, we’ve not had to replace one i3 recorder.” The conversion to i3 occurred 3 years ago and TMI hasn’t looked back. Curtis Olien, director of sales for TMI appreciates i3’s sales engineering support. “It’s easy to make a sale” he says when customers see what the product does and listen to our experience with i3.” As technology changes, many customers are moving to combinations of analog and IP systems. “They’re ecstatic”, said Francis Gallagher. “They used to have to call us to review video then it would take 2-3 hours for TMI personnel to VPN in and find the specified incident. We’d make a tape and mail it to them. Now, they do it themselves, copy the video to a thumb drive and immediately hand it to the police or other interested parties.” While off-site, hotel management or management companies have instant access via computer to view video. To further accommodate the need for remote access, I3 has a user-friendly smart phone app. An example of how i3 products have been implemented by TMI is seen in two hotels operated by the Koehler organization. Koehler is a hotel development and management company based in Aberdeen, SD. The company specializes in developing and operating limited service and extended stay lodging properties in secondary and tertiary markets in the western US. The Staybridge Suites in Bismark, North Dakota and the Candlewood Suites in Sioux Falls, South Dakota were new-construction facilities that required video surveillance systems. Of equal importance were the concerns of comfort and security for guests and staff, and the need to ensure against any potential liability or loss. In both cases i3 video systems are easily and seamlessly accomplishing these goals. The Staybridge Suites installation consisted of 1 SRX hybrid 9E3200, 19 Di721B indoor cameras, 4 DO721 outdoor cameras, 1 AX52D indoor network camera, and 1 i3 monitor. The Candlewood Suites system included 1 i3 VEO 16 channel analog, 14 Di721B indoor cameras, and 1 i3 monitor. The future looks bright for the partnership of TMI, its affiliates and i3 International. As technology advances, i3 promises to lead the way and continue its heritage of outstanding customer support and education.
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