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Fargo Businesses Robbed Hours Apart
Category : retail

Fargo Police are kept busy as two convenience stores are robbed just eight hours apart. The robberies, one of them armed, raise the question: what can businesses do to defend themselves? "Anybody that comes into the store is picked up on the camera; they are displayed on the monitor," said General Manager of Digital Surveillance Concepts Dan Nordsletten. Walk into Bjornson's in north Fargo and you might get the feeling you're being watched. With more than a dozen cameras in and outside of the tiny store Dan Nordsletten with Digital Surveillance Concepts says you'd have to be crazy to try to get away with anything. "It’s a good deterrent for the robberies, burglaries, that type of stuff, but it’s also showing your customers and your staff that you’re caring about their well being when you’re on their property," said Nordsletten. It's that sort of system that helps police handle robberies like the one early Monday morning at the Petro Serve at 2110 University Drive south. Authorities say two men walked into the store and displayed handguns before demanding money from both the register and the clerk's wallet before fleeing. The two are described as black males wearing scarves over their faces and dark jackets. "We continue to look into surveillance, also checking the area around the store, seeing if there are any possible surveillance cameras through that process," said Fargo Police Lt. Joel Vettel. Police say convenience stores are targets for robbery because they are often open 24/7. They say the best ways to prevent crimes are to have clear windows, call in unusual activity, follow procedures, and have a good surveillance system. "By having stuff on the perimeter you kind of get an idea of which direction somebody goes, or if they’re on foot, or if they jump in a vehicle, on a bicycle, whatever the case may be," said Nordsletten. Security technology getting more advanced every day and hopefully making you safer. Petro Serve officials say this is the second time the clerk who was working this morning has been robbed. They say they are looking into installing more cameras.

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